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312                            LETTERS   FROM   THE

The flowering shrubs are beautiful, and the
large aloe, in full flower, is a noble plant. Tortola
is a very beautiful island. Mr. Georges says he
saves four thousand a year by residing on the

Fort Royal, Martinique,

I have just landed from the Danish brig. We
went to Montserrat, where Mr, T. Meade and
the gentlemen of the island received me with
great hospitality. I like its locale wonderfully,
especially Streatham (Meade's house), which is sur-
rounded by romantic scenery, and as temperate
as Madeira.

[The intervening letters are missing.]

Port of Spain, Trinidad, July gth.

As the town is hot, and reckoned not so un-
wholesome as the country, I have taken a small
cottage, consisting of a hall and three bed-chambers,
on the crown of a hill, and a mile and a half from
the town, across a plain half-environed by woody
mountains, and commanding the most beautiful
prospect in the world, for the range of hills con-